In a well-lit workspace, a focused tailor operates a professional sewing machine. Vivid red fabric, possibly a component of athletic wear, is being skillfully manipulated under the needle. Spools of thread in neutral tones line the background, indicating an environment dedicated to garment creation. The tailor's attention to the fabric underscores his expertise and the precision required in custom apparel manufacturingThis photograph showcases a bustling garment workshop. A woman, standing at the forefront, examines a bright orange ribbon, possibly a trim or a functional tape for high-visibility clothing. Behind her, a tailor is engrossed in his work, sewing a blue piece of apparel. The scene conveys a sense of industry and craftsmanship, where attention to detail and the creation of practical, perhaps safety-oriented garments are paramount. The workshop is filled with sewing machines and materials, hinting at a productive atmosphere where skill and dedication are at play.

Our Story

Gladys, the founder, worked at Xerox for 15 years in the Human Resources Department when she then decided to start her own business. She wanted to empower woman in the community and started off with basic sewing classes where she did some dress making but she obviously had bigger dreams.

Gladys Sewing Services started out in a little outbuilding where Gladys resided with only four staff members which comprised of 3 seamstress & 1 lady that did the ironing and packing of garments. Business grew over the years and Gladys was awarded many opportunities to grow at a rapid pace.

The business then moved to Selby and eventually made its way to Jeppestown where it is currently located. In 2021 Gladys lost her husband to COVID and then decided to retire and take care of her health. She then offered the business to her daughter, René in 2023.

René has over 11 years experience in the finance/ accounting field and has a qualification in business administration.